Read what Shannon's students say about her classes, and then come and see for yourself!

"So I was looking for a workout place in the evening. I saw that zumba was the only thing that was offered in the late evening. I have always been intimated by zumba in big gyms, but wanted a group class, so decided to try it and it literally changed my life.

I struggle with depression and I know exercise is good for that, but hard to want to do. Shannon makes exercising fun!!! She is very easy to follow, and after an hour of a fantastic workout, it felt more like I just had fun!

I have lost ALOT of weight and has helped me pursue other dreams, like running!! If you want a great workout without realizing it, this is definitely the place!!! I especially love her positive energy. Shannon truly cares about her students, and wants everyone to feel great and enjoy working out!!"

          ~ Mindy B.


"I absolutely love Zumba! I look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays sole because they are Zumba days. Not only is it beneficial because it’s exercise, but Shannon is so energetic and just makes it such a fun experience. It’s ALWAYS a good time at Zumba with Shannon!"

~ Jenn S.


"I take this class because I love it and Shannon’s awesome! And it’s my MOMMY TIME-OUT!"

~ Lee


"Zumba energizes me and helps me to gain self-confidence. I’ve struggled my whole life with coordination, weight, and self-esteem, and not to mention music in general. I’ve gained confidence, become less anxious just 'letting go' and enjoying the music. Plus, it keeps me fit. I love the fact that Shannon 'pushes' us and reminds us to keep our posture. She helps to build my self-esteem and confidence by her positive remarks and encouragement."

~ Dianne S.


"I keep coming because Shannon helps me to have fun and appreciate the exercise. She is easy to follow and I love how she uses so much 'arms' in each routine. I always know I’m getting a full workout, and I LOVE IT!"

~ Kareena W.

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